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The Zapier for AffiliateWP pro add-on allows you to connect AffiliateWP With over 700 different web servicesUse your Zapier account.

Any app within reach Zapier These can be connected to AffiliateWP.

The Zapier Add-on pro authenticates with your Zapier Take into account the API Keys feature available in AffiliateWP 1.9 or latermore information):

An example screenshot of the API Keys tools tab in AffiliateWP
Make your own API Keys using the tools section. AffiliateWP.

This pro addon offers support for Both Zapier Actions And Triggers. You can notify Zapier When you have the desire AffiliateWP Activity on your site can include a new referral being created, as well as the creation, update, and deletion of any number affiliates, referrals visits, creatives, payouts, and referrals.

You will also Not required To use the API keys, activate and install the REST API Extended pro addon for Further functionality can be added with the triggers or actions Zapier.

Anytime AffiliateWP activity occurs on your site, if you’ve enabled Zapier After your site has been authenticated as described above, this data will be made available via REST API to third-party services endpoints.

These endpoints are used to power your computer Zapier pro add-on, we’re able to open AffiliateWP To the It is enormous The world of the Zapier app ecosystem.

Have a look at the primary features available …


Enable Only The notifications you want

Zapier settings showing notification options
Zapier Notifications can be individually enabled for Referrals, Affiliates, Creatives and Visits.

Use the following to securely authenticate your site. AffiliateWP REST API

Pop-up window from prompting for authentication with AffiliateWP on your site
Pop-up window available prompting for Authentication with AffiliateWP You can find it on your website.


Trigger a Zapier Action Any Time Affiliate, referral, visitOr Creative It is Updated, deleted or created You can also use it at any time. Payout It is Created Or Removed

An image depicting a list of Zapier triggers available in the AffiliateWP Zapier app
Check out this list Zapier Triggers are available in the AffiliateWP Zapier app.

Examples of triggers

Continue reading below for Here are some examples of how to integrate AffiliateWP Triggers for the apps are available through Zapier.

  • Add or update a subscriber in MailChimp any time an affiliate registers

    Automation can save you time and help you save time. Adding your AffiliateWP affiliate contact info to MailChimp – and keeping this data in sync – means everything stays up-to-date, with no extra work needed to keep everything current within your MailChimp account.

  • Add a row of data in order to: Google Sheets Spreadsheet when a referral is made

    Google Sheets is used by many individuals and businesses. for Not only internal record-keeping; but data sources for Other efforts, such as accounting and software. You will need to send tax information about all affiliates and referrals that you have to your accountant when it comes to tax time. No need to export data anymore – all of the pertinent data is added in a new row within a spreadsheet you specify, and will be ready to send when filing taxes.

  • Upload Creatives to a Dropbox account any time one is created on your site

    Dropbox is used by many people to share their assets with friends, colleagues, and clients. Dropbox lets you keep your creative data in sync and allows you to share any folder in Dropbox. for even faster access to all of your assets – enabling affiliates to get going as quickly as possible.

  • When they register on your website, you can add affiliates to accounting services (such as Quickbooks, Zoho and so forth).

    Take the example above one step further Zapier Allow for Connect directly to accounting software. These can be used to add affiliate or referral data as they’re added, saving time and effort later on.

  • When an affiliate registers for your site, you can add a new Google Contact

    Keeping contact information in sync is important – Google contacts offers a way to sync data between any Android device, Gmail, and other Google services. These are services you use often, and you can leverage a Google contacts. Zapier Integration can be a great way to add value to your life Zapier zaps.

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