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WPML String Translation You can translate texts not found in pages, posts, or taxonomy. This includes the site’s tagline, general texts in admin screens, widget titles and many other texts.

Activating String Translation

WPML’s String Translation module is part the Multilingual CMS Type of account You will first need to download it and install it from your WPML.org Account. Downloads section.

Then, navigate to WPML → String Translation.

How to choose which strings should be translatable

A complex site might have many strings that need to be translated. Use the display filter at top of the page. String Translation page to determine which strings you want to display.

wpml string translation filter
Filtering strings for translation

Many strings have been loaded into the String Translation Table, ready for translation. WPML doesn’t automatically load every string. If you can’t find a particular string you would like to translate, please see our article about finding strings.

How to translate a string

Once you’ve found the string that you want to translate, click “The Translator”. + icon under the flag of your language to be translated.

Translating a string
Translating a string

You can save your translation by pressing the Enter and Tab keys on your keyboard, or simply clicking out from the window. You can switch languages by using the Tab key without having to click.

You can also send strings directly to your translators. Select the languages you wish to use by clicking the checkboxes in the strings section. Click here if you are the only translator for the site. Select content can be translated Translate from the end WPML → Translations. You can add strings to the translation basket if you use other translators, or a professional translation agency.

Adding strings to the translation basket
Adding strings to your translation basket

Assign the translation job to yourself or a local translator to translate the strings using the Advanced Translation Editor. You can also send the job to be translated by a translation service.

How to delete an existing string

You might want to delete the strings associated with a theme or plugin that you have stopped using. Select the strings that you wish to delete and click Delete selected strings.

Deleting a string
Eliminating a string

To delete all the untranslated strings belonging to a certain domain, scroll down to Remove strings from domain Click Eliminate strings. Select the domains of strings you don’t need anymore and click Remove. These domains won’t display untranslated strings anymore String Translation screen.

wpml remove strings
All strings removed from a domain

You can always add the strings to your playlist by going to WPML → Localization of Theme and Plugins. To make the strings of the plugin or theme available for translation again, select it and scan it.

How to translate themes/plugins coded in languages other then English

If a theme or plugin you’re using is coded in a language other than English, WPML may miscategorize the source language of strings. Please see our documentation on how to change the source language of individual strings and entire domains on the String Translation page.

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WordPress Multilingual String Translation Addon
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