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Automate and extend your capabilities Coupons With WooCommerce URL Coupons

The URL Coupons SkyVerge Extension allows you add a unique dimension to your project. URL To any coupon in your WooCommerce store. When this URL is used or clicked on, it automatically applies the coupon discount and can (optionally) add products to the customer’s shopping cart.

URL coupon applied notice

URL Coupons can be used to make print advertising more effective. You can also help customers remember coupons so they are actually used. Use coupons to measure the success of your pay per click ad campaigns. URLUse the plugin to allow only certain types of users URL coupons.

Reduce Coupon Fields to Increase Conversions

Major analytics companies have conducted studies like KISSmetrics have shown that coupon boxes are conversion killers. Customers may leave your website to search for coupons and not return. URL Coupons give you the freedom to be your own boss Only coupon method.

You can enable the plugin to hide your coupon codes in the cart/checkout so that only you know. URL Coupons can be used. Customers with coupons can use them by visiting their website. URLWhile other customers may not leave the house to go coupon hunting, they do so at their own pace.

URL Coupons Hide Coupon Fields
Hide Coupons Setting

Automatically apply Coupons For Visitors

The following can be used: URL Coupons can be activated by visiting an existing page or posting on your website. This means that anyone who visits your landing pages or reads a specific blog post can be triggered with a coupon. This is a great way of rewarding your fans, brand loyalists or customers who interact with your blog.

After coupon application, redirect customers

You can redirect customers if you choose once they’ve visited a coupon URL. This allows you optionally to add products into the cart URL is visited and instantly send customers to the cart/checkout. This eliminates as many obstacles to buying as possible and can even be used with WooCommerce One Page Checkout You can apply for coupons and purchase directly from your browser.

Personalize your Coupon URLs to Reward Customers

Generic coupons can be used URLSuch as mystore.com/coupon/thanksThis will apply to you. “thank you” coupon. This coupon is valid however URL doesn’t use a trailing slash, you can also use this to personalize the experience fOr your customers, as the URLs mystore.com/coupon/thanks-john or mystore.com/coupon/thanksjane Coupons will also be accepted.

This behavior can be disabled by using a trailing dash like mystore.com/coupon/thanks/ if you’d prefer to use one definite URL Use coupons instead.

There are other ways to elevate your self-esteem Coupons

  • use a unique URL Use a QR code on business cards to offer a discount to potential clients who check in on you.
  • Share your products and services with your current customers by giving them a link that they can send to their friends. They will visit your site and receive a discount.
  • You can stop coupon hunting by only allowing URL Coupons to be used
  • Give out personalized URL coupons, such as mysite.com/thanks-jen, to connect with your customers.
  • Coupons are automatically applied to customers who visit a specific page or post.

Key WooCommerce URL Coupons Features

  • Set a unique URL For a coupon that applies the coupon to the purchase, URL It is visited
  • Optionally set one or more products that will be added to the customer’s cart when the unique URL It is visited
  • Control when and where the customer will be redirected after they have visited the website. URL
  • Track and increase conversions of your print and online advertisements
  • Automating customer clicks automatically to automate action can improve conversions
  • Help customers to remember, share, use and recommend coupons
  • You can also hide other coupon application methods
  • Smart Support Coupons extension CSV coupon exports
  • Use WooCommerce One-page Checkout URL Coupons that provide a complete shopping experience and a one-page coupon app NEW
  • Reduce purchase barriers By applying discounts and automatically adding items to the shopping cart
  • Set minimum coupon amounts, expiration dates, or use limits
new URL Coupon settings
Set a Unique URL Coupon Options

Stop customers abandoning Use your checkout to go coupon hunting Conversions can be improved Automate discounts to encourage purchase in your advertising campaigns Help existing customers Share the discounts with others You can offer. Coupons automatically applied Page visitors and post visitors can provide “easter eggs” Rewards and incentives URL Coupons You can integrate coupons on your website and offer advanced ways to use them.

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WooCommerce URL Coupons
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