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Use WooCommerce Social Login To reduce friction when creating or checking out user accounts. Returning customers can log into your site with as little as one click if they’ve linked a social profile. Not only can customers easily log into your site without remembering another set of login credentials, but they’ll be able to breeze through purchasing and checkout with their new account, and you’ll benefit from increased trust and security.

Answers to Common Questions

Does it work without? WooCommerce?
Yes, this plugin works. Standalone & it doesn’t need WooCommerceThis plugin can be used independently WooCommerceBuddyPress, bbPress or PeepSo.

After I login with Twitter, it redirects me to the login page to enter my email address.
Twitter doesn’t provide an email address when the user logs in, so we need to ask user to add email address for the first time so that we can link that email address to their account.

Does Facebook login require https site?
If you are using facebook app version 2.0 or higher, then you will need https for your website. For more information please see here

Why aren’t my Woo Social Login buttons displayed? I have them set up for XXXX pages.
You may have already logged in to your site  :). Try this in a different browser and you’ll see login options.

Can customers log in to their accounts and make changes without linking their social media accounts? Or can they delete it later on?
Yep! Yes! WordPress user accounts. Your new customers will still have customer accounts. They can use their email address (Facebook. Amazon. Google. Twitter). They can reset passwords by using their email addresses to log in to your site as normal.

For users who have already created an account on Twitter, we ask users to enter their email address when they log in to these services.

Woo! Social Login Allow the linked social network access to all account information for the user on our website
No, there’s very little information that’s sent back to the social network during the initial login and after that there’s no information exchanged until the user logs in again. The only data that’s passed back and forth is login information – nothing on orders, site activity, etc. For more information on what information is pulled from each network, see below.

What happens to a customer’s account and order history if the plugin is deactivated / deleted?
Once logged in to a social networking site, a user can access the following: WordPress The username and password are used to create an account for the user. Uninstalling the plugin is possible. Users can still use the plugin. “lost password” You can use this feature to create a new password, and log in to your account as normal, not with your social network.

Help, my Woo Social Login Buttons are not displayed! I promise I’m not logged in already.
This is most likely an issue with your theme (we’ve seen this happen several times already). If your theme has an overwrite WooCommerce Templates, as many do, may not have the necessary action hooks to display the Woo. Social Login buttons. Contact your theme author to request that they update their templates in order to be compatible with the most recent version. WooCommerce Include any hooks or functions WooCommerce does.

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WooCommerce Social Login – WordPress Plugin
WooCommerce Social Login – WordPress Plugin


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