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Add External Links Product Retailers Distributors and distributors for your products

External / Affiliate Products are a great feature WooCommerce, but they have one major limitation: you can’t sell a product yourself  link to the same product on a retailer or distributor’s website. This extension removes this limitation and allows you list. Multiple retailers You can have more than one affiliate link

Setup distributors or retailers in your store. Include a URL to their site. Then assign them to specific products. Customers can then purchase the item directly on your store, or they can visit the retailer or distributor’s website to purchase.

Perfect for products that are sold through multiple sales channelsYou can purchase books directly from the site, such as a book for Kindle or Nook.

WooCommerce Product Retailers

What is it? Product Retailers Do?

  • Setup retailers/distributors and assign them products
  • Each retailer/distributor can set a unique link, either globally or per-product.
  • Liste Multiple retailers Each product
  • You can customize the text “Purchase” Click here
  • You can also make the product available only to the retailer/distributor.
  • To display the retailers available, you can use buttons or a drop down menu NEW
  • Show retailers only if the product meets certain criteria Out of stock NEW
WooCommerce product retailers single retailer display
Simple Product Page

Add easily Retailers / Distributors

You can quickly add your distributors or retailers and then assign them an default link. After they’ve been added, you can assign them to products and set a unique URL per product. This is useful to link the product directly to the related product on the retailer’s / distributor’s website.

WooCommerce Product Retailers Add Retailer
Add & View Retailers / Distributors

Add retailers to specific products

WooCommerce Product Retailers Add Retailer
Add & View Retailers/Distributors

To display retailers to customers, you can now use buttons instead of a drop-down list. Simply click “Use Buttons” When creating your product:

WooCommerce Product Retailers buttons
Use Buttons Retailers

You can also choose to only show retailers when your product has been out of stock. This will allow you to generate referral income instead of backorders.

This allows you to either sell products directly or generate revenue through your affiliate / refer links with other retailers (such Amazon). Customers can choose to purchase products without losing revenue.

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WooCommerce Product Retailers
WooCommerce Product Retailers


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