WooCommerce Order Status Manager

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Custom WooCommerce Order Completely integrated into your workflow

The WooCommerce Order Status Manager You can create, edit, delete, and integrate custom order statuses seamlessly into your system. WooCommerce Order management flow. You can also edit the core order statuses to trigger new orders emails based on changes in status.

You can add custom order statuses to your orders list. Order actions Or Bulk actions For a seamless fulfillment process

WooCommerce Order Status Manager: Statuses in action
In action: Statuses

New order emails It can also be used to notify customers of any order status changes. Emails can be triggered based on changes in custom statuses and core statuses. This will ensure that customers and/or shop administrators are always updated about any order updates or changes.

WooCommerce Order Status Manager email list
View Emails

Why Use WooCommerce Order Status Manager?

  • Create new order states and add icons or action buttons
  • Customers can view order status descriptions on the “View Order” Page explaining order status
  • Edit WooCommerce Core statuses to establish a “next status” Click here to see new action buttons
  • Use “Next Statuses” To create a seamless fulfillment process and add order action buttons
  • Add bulk actions to add new statuses to the orders list
  • Drag and drop orders statuses to re-order the way they’re shown in your admin
  • In the Status Icons instead of text badges, “Orders” Liste NEW
  • In shop reports, include orders with custom statuses
  • Assign order statuses “Paid” When customers view orders, they can include download links, purchase comments, and other features.
  • Assign order statuses “requires payment” To show “Pay” And “Cancel” Links to customers NEW
  • Add new order emails that can be triggered by status changes
  • Use new templates to create new email content
  • Import existing custom states from custom code or other plugins
  • You can safely delete custom statuses without losing your orders
WooCommerce Order Status Manager import statuses
Import Statuses

Add New Order Statuses

You can add a new status to your order and choose an icon to display on the orders list. This replaces a text badge for a status title. If this will be used, you can also add action buttons. “next status” You can add another status to your order flow. You can also add next states to decide which actions buttons should appear for this status.

WooCommerce Order Status Manager: Create a Status
Create a Status

Edit Core Statuses

Editing a core is possible WooCommerce Order status to add “next statuses”. You can, for example, add a custom status to your account. Next status For “processing” Orders will display your custom status button for any processing order.

This makes order management easy, quick, and simple. Custom statuses can be integrated into the orders workflow.

Add New Order Emails

Based on changes to order statuses, including custom orders statuses, new order emails can be created. These emails can be edited or enabled in your account once they have been added. WooCommerce Email lists or the template can be overridden by your theme to have more control over the content.

WooCommerce Order Status Manager new email
Make an email

Display Status Information for Customers

Customers can be frustrated by order management when they don’t know where their orders are. Your statuses are meant for your fulfillment workflow. However, displaying a status such as “Manufactured” Or “Assembling” doesn’t tell customers anything.

You can now add a description to any status (including core ones!) This description will be displayed to customers when they click on the order status.

WooCommerce Order Status Manager Orders List
Customer View

Complete Order Status Management

Rather than adding one-off statuses that don’t integrate with the rest of your emails, statuses, or fulfillment process, you can now completely embed custom statuses into your order management scheme. To personalize orders and automate order management, you can use custom icons, action buttons and new emails.

How to get started

  1. Purchase and download the extension 🙂
  2. Upload and install to your WooCommerce Store
  3. Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Order Statuses and how to set up new email triggers or statuses.
  4. Edit your email content if necessary
  5. That’s it! Enjoy custom! WooCommerce Order statuses and automatic email

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WooCommerce Order Status Manager
WooCommerce Order Status Manager


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