WooCommerce Order Status Control

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Control These were Paid WooCommerce Orders are automatically processed

WooCommerce automatically completes orders for virtual-downloadable products after successful payment, but it won’t autocomplete other orders, as you may need to take actions between when the order is processed and completed. If you sell shippable items, you will probably need to ship them before you complete the order. You may need to do something if you sell virtual products such as services between the time that payment is received and the order is completed.

However, this isn’t the case for all stores, and you may not need to take any action between when an order is paid for and completed. For example, you may want to auto-complete virtual orders, or even those with products that aren’t virtual or downloadable. You might also not want orders to automatically complete.

In such cases, you can use WooCommerce Order Status Control Extension To be able to control when your paid orders are automatically processed.

WooCommerce Order Status Control: settings
Auto-Complete settings

Want to stop orders from ever being completed? This plugin will prevent virtual + downloadable order from being completed. “completed”.

You need to automatically complete more orders WooCommerce Does it automatically? You can do it too. Orders that are paid successfully are usually updated. ‘pending’ To ‘processing’. Once an order has been placed, you must manually complete it. If your shop takes a large number of orders that don’t require action while the order is processing, updating the order status to complete for each of those orders is a time commitment that you can instead streamline.

WooCommerce Order Status Control Payable orders can be automatically marked as ‘complete’ Instead of ‘processing’Complete skipping ‘processing’ status. It takes just 1 minute to set it up, and you won’t have to worry again about changing order statuses on paid orders.

WooCommerce Order Status Control Auto-Completed
Order Status Auto-Completed

You can either automatically place paid orders that contain virtual items or you can choose to complete all paid orders in your shop regardless of the type of product they contain.

How to Get Started

  1. Purchase and download the extension 🙂
  2. Upload and install to your WooCommerce Store
  3. Go to WooCommerce > Settings > General, and scroll down to Order Status Control
  4. Choose from All Orders To change the order status “completed” after successful payment for All ordersVirtual Orders You can only change the order status for orders that include all virtual products. None To stop auto-completion altogether.
  5. That’s it! Relax and enjoy your automated order statuses

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WooCommerce Order Status Control
WooCommerce Order Status Control


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