WooCommerce Nested Category Layout

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Show Your Shop Catalog Category Subcategory

The WooCommerce Nested Category Layout Extension This plugin allows you to display products organized by sub-category and category on the shop and catalogue pages. This plugin allows you to create a beautiful and intuitive catalog layout that your customers will love by breaking down products by subcategory. These are before and after images of the shop page created with this plugin. Nested Category Layout:


WooCommerce Nested Category Layout Before
WooCommerce Nested Category Layout  After


WooCommerce You can usually show subcategories (or subcategories) on shop and category pages. However, this can look messy. This is a great option, but customers will need to click on the categories and then the subcategories to browse products.

WooCommerce shop category layout
Default WooCommerce Category View

However, the more barriers you put in the way of finding a product or purchasing, the more likely customers are to leave your site, so we’ve sought to fix that with this plugin. Nested Category Layout This streamlines the process and makes it more user-friendly. Instead of forcing customers to click through subcategories and then categories to find products, it creates a list on the shop or category pages organized by subcategory. Customers can then click on a category/subcategory title to view more products.

You can choose which categories you want to nest and which ones to display normally. This layout can also be displayed on shop pages, category pages, or only on category pages. You can see it in action. Check out the Demo Shop You can see how the shop and catalogue pages change by running the plugin.

What does it do? Nested Category Layout do?

  • A simple layout that distinguishes products by subcategory will increase customer satisfaction.
  • Select the category pages that you wish to modify and which to render normal
  • It is easy to set the number of products per category that you want to display on your shop and catalog pages.
  • Compatibility with WooCommerce Themes and the Genesis Framework
  • Flexible, flexible architecture allows customization and support of additional themes and frameworks.

Flexible Display

Don’t have a category for a product? No problem – Nested Category Layout These products will be displayed at the top of your page. Next, you’ll see your categories and subcategories. If a product is both in the parent category and a subsection, it will be displayed with the appropriate section. If a product does not belong to a parent category, it will display in the parent category first before any subcategories are displayed (like this).

WooCommerce Nested Category Page

How to get started

  1. Purchase and download the extension 🙂
  2. Upload and install to your WooCommerce Store
  3. Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Products and configure your options
  4. Organize products in categories and subcategories
  5. That’s it! Enjoy a flexible and intuitive catalog display while you relax!

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WooCommerce Nested Category Layout
WooCommerce Nested Category Layout


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