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Customers can pay what they want Name Your Price

Screenshot of Woo Album #1 product showing an "Enter your amount" text input.

The Name Your Price You can be flexible in the price you accept for certain products with this plugin. You can either suggest a price for your customers or enforce a minimum price. Or you can let the customer decide!

You can also use the plugin to accept donations and make your products more accessible to a wider market.

What can you do? Name Your Price What can we do to help you?

  • Collect donations
  • Sell gift certificates and gift cards (digital and printable)
  • Make a profit on products you’d otherwise give away
  • Reach new customers by offering accessible, democratic pricing
  • Increase customer base by encouraging new trials
  • Collect data about the price your customers will pay for your products

Easy setup, excellent support, and a better user experience

For a wide range use cases, setup is easy “out of the box!” Once you’ve created your product, tick the checkbox marked Name Your Price, and you’ll have the option to enter minimum, maximum, and suggested prices.

Our documentation offers step-by-step guidance and options to customize for many other use cases, such as compatibility with various plugins. Find that information here.

Our new website is also available. Name Your Price Version 3.0 features Enhanced user experience (UX).  Full accessibility for screen readers.

More ways to use Name Your Price

Name Your Price Is it a Multifunctional sales tool

Many sites use it to facilitate DonationsSubscription payments, and even It’s easy Online bill payment With variable amounts (such like an invoice), Subscription payments  donations.


Raise more funds by empowering donors to give at the level that’s right for them, with or without a suggested donation amount.

Animated gif of select element showing multiple price amounts plus a "custom" option. Clicking the custom option reveals a text input where a price is entered.
Variable products can be used with attributes to suggest different price points, while still leaving one variation that donors can enter their own amount.

When used in combination with the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin, Name Your Price Also, donors can set the amount and frequency of their recurring gifts (under your parameters).

Online Bill Pay

Use Name Your Price You can collect payments and make it easy for customers and clients to pay invoices and custom amount right from your site!

Screenshot of Pay Your Bill product showing an "Enter your amount" text input and an "invoice number" text input.
Shown here with an additional field of Product Add-ons
Product Add-Ons allow you to add additional fields for precise input and detail, such as invoice numbers and reference names of products and projects.

Works with a Variety of Product Types and Plugins, Including Subscriptions, Gift Cards, & Product Add-Ons

Name Your Price Works with a There are many product types. including:

  • Simple & Variable Products
  • Subscribe to our Newsletter
  • Grouped Products
  • Bundles of Products
  • Composite Products
  • Mix and match products
  • Deposits
  • Account Funds
  • PayWall

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WooCommerce Name Your Price
WooCommerce Name Your Price


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