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You want to offer targeted, exclusive and automatic coupon discounts to your customers? That’s where WooCommerce Group Coupons It will be of assistance. This extension is for WooCommerce Use the free Groups membership plugin and WordPress roles Coupon validity can be controlled


Automatically apply Coupons to Group MembersApply Coupons Automatically

New coupon features allow group members to apply coupons automatically. This allows discounts to be applied for certain customer group members.

It is very convenient to have discounts automatically applied for certain user groups. This applies to all cases, from automatically applying a discount to any registered user to granting automatic discounts for specific user groups such as distributors, volume customers, etc. This extension also allows you to combine it with other features to ensure that coupons are only available to certain groups.


Restrict Coupons to Group MembersRestrict Coupons By Group

The extension now allows you to limit the use of coupons for group members. This allows you to restrict who is allowed to use coupons from your group membership.

Coupons This feature can be applied to only one or more groups.


Exclude Groups from using CouponsExclude Members

Another useful feature of this extension is the ability to exclude certain groups from using coupons. This allows you to exclude certain groups from using coupons.

You can use this feature to offer promotions to new customers and exempt existing customers. You can also give access to discounts to privileged groups.


Restrict Coupons to WordPress RolesRestrict Coupons Role

The extension adds the ability to limit coupon use to certain WordPress user groups. This extension allows you to restrict who can use coupons based on your role.

You could, for example, offer a discount to customers who have the Customer role. Normal registered users would not be eligible to use it.


Display pretty couponsDisplay Pretty Coupons

The extension provides a new shortcode that allows you to show your customers the coupons the extension has handled.

The coupon codes are displayed when they are valid, based on the user account and coupon settings.


The extension adds the following essential features to coupons:

  • Exclusive Discount Coupons for Group Members with the Free Groups membership plugin
  • Exclusive Discount Coupons For Roles
  • Group members get automatic discounts
  • Get a glimpse of target groups and role descriptions at a discount
  • Shortcodes for pretty coupons
  • This tool can be used to cover many marketing and promotional cases

Screenshots and examples

Register Users: A limited coupon

This example shows how to create a coupon that applies automatically to registered users. This means that the coupon will be applied automatically to any existing user account. The customer does not need to input the coupon code during checkout. We also exclude members of the Test group from the coupon.

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WooCommerce Group Coupons
WooCommerce Group Coupons


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