WooCommerce Customer/Order/Coupon CSV Import Suite

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Easy import of Customers, Orders, Coupons via a CSV File

Mass import hundreds, or even thousands, of customers, coupons and orders into you WooCommerce Shop with the Customer/ Coupon / Order CSV Import Suite. This user-friendly importer will import customers with a minimum of hassle, and can import orders and link them to your shop’s customers and products.

This tool is ideal for migrating an established shop to another eCommerce platform. WooCommerceThis will allow you to manage your customer accounts as well as order history. Are you looking for coupons to migrate from an old eCommerce platform? Or campaigns that require the creation of hundreds of coupons? These will also be imported by the importer

WooCommerce Customer / Coupon / Order CSV Import: Select import type
Main Import Screen

The importer can handle multiple import formats and you can map your import columns accordingly WooCommerce data to merge or create customers. Data can also be imported from various sources, including an uploaded file or URL / path file or via copy-and-paste.

What can the CSV Importer do?

  • Choose an import file locationUpload your file, import from URL / path or copy and paste import data NEW
  • Import customer data Name, email, addresses, and whether they are a paying client, etc.
  • Merge customer data from your import with existing users – useful for mass-updating customer information!
  • Import Coupons – All Coupon fields are supported, with exceptions for sale items and usage limitations
  • Coupons for Merge – useful for mass-updating coupon data
  • Import order data, such as line items, linked customers, order totals, order notes, order numbers (works well when paired with the Sequential Order Number Pro plugin), and more
  • Merge order data To update totals or order status, or to add meta in bulk like tracking numbers NEW
  • Import Custom fields (meta) For customers, coupons, orders and customers
  • Import custom taxonomies Customers, coupons, and orders, if you have them added using plugins / third-party code
  • Multiple shipping options available
  • You can import order data in the background, so you can import large amounts of data without any timeouts NEW
  • Flexible import format requires that you only have a small number of fields, but allows for customers, orders, and coupons to be fully defined.
  • Fully compatible with the Order / Customer CSV Export extension

Then you’ll select options for the import, and get a quick preview of your import file so you can ensure the plugin has detected the delimiter correctly. You can choose to import any type of file. merge data, which will update existing records, if they match, and only Create Each row is populated with data.

WooCommerce Customer / coupon / Order CSV Import: customer import options
Customer Import There are many options

Next, you’ll map the columns in your import to the appropriate WooCommerce data. This allows you to import virtually any file format. As long as the information is correct, it will work.

WooCommerce Customer / coupon / Order CSV Import: coupon import mapping

You can also run a dry test to make sure your file will import correctly, or you can do a live test. This will run in the background so you can navigate away from your import page while it processes your imported file. It can be thousands of rows long!

WooCommerce Customer / coupon / Order CSV Import: import progress completed

You’ll get a status update when the import is completed of how many rows modified data, were inserted, or were skipped.

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WooCommerce Customer/Order/Coupon CSV Import Suite
WooCommerce Customer/Order/Coupon CSV Import Suite


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