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Create custom, pre-configured and discounted items easily WooCommerce Freebies, product bundles and combo offers are some of the many benefits that come with purchasing a product. When someone buys a “main” They receive all the product “chained” Products automatically.

There are many options. WooCommerce Plug-ins for product packaging, grouping and force sells. This Chained Products Plugin can handle most of these requirements in a way that improves cart success.

This plugin is the best choice for thousands upon thousands of stores over the past decade because it is simple and flexible. Here’s how it works:

  • Shop owners “chain” You can make as many products as you like (with different quantities, if required) using an existing or new product. Let’s call this the “main” product.
  • This is what happens when a customer purchases this “main” They pay for the product “main” product’s price but get all the “chained” They will automatically receive the products. They will also see “chained” Products in the cart and in their orders. Prices can be set for individual products as well.
  • Chained Products Plug-in seamlessly handles variable products, subscriptions, multi-level nestable offers, pricing, virtual access, and discount applications. It’s also compatible with the most popular other WooCommerce plugins.

Chained Products in cart

To increase average order value and reduce inventory, use proven product bundling strategies

Bundled or discounted combination products are the best-selling items in any category. WooCommerce store. A set of related products can be sold together at a lower price, making it a great deal. You increase your revenues and clear out pending inventory.

These are the top features, and benefits of this plugin.

Zero configuration for customers

Chained Products Pre-configured product bundles are available. Your customers can’t pick their own variation options or change bundle configuration. This forces customers to evaluate. “price vs value” Do not get lost in the details.

Create all kinds of product combos

Chain a downloadable product to a physical product – like a computer monitor with warranty terms. Or chain a grouped product to a bundle – like a set of 5 colored pens chained to a bundle of books of varying sizes. As the admin, you can mix and match a variety of products into a single bundled product – but do remember that customers can’t change anything in the bundle you created. They will buy it in the same configuration as you chose.

  • You can link as many products as necessary to create a product package. You can select variants and quantities.
  • Create bundles, as well as bulk discount offers – “Buy One Get One” / “Buy One Get More” / “Buy X For $$”
  • You can either set a price per product or allow chained items to be priced separately.
  • The cart will display the main product as well as all the linked products, along with their prices, when the main product is added to the cart. If price is set individually, the price will be zero. Otherwise, it will show the chained products prices.
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Setting up chained products

Set up “Buy One Get One” Or “Buy One Get More” Offers

To show a BOGO deal, you can chain the same product (e.g. a shirt chained with the same shirt) or chain multiple products together to the main product for a Buy One Get More (e.g. two sets of printer paper + cartridges attached to a printer).

Configure and display individual prices for chained products

It is very useful to create packaged deals for your customers and for you if prices of chained goods are to be applied.

The main product price will remain at zero and the individual product prices will add up to the total bundle.

For example, if you offer a shaving set, all the individual items such as razors, creams, and brushes will be priced individually. The sum of all the individual items will determine the price of the kit.

This is useful for users who wish to compare all prices of the products included in the bundle. This increases the perceived value of the bundle, and users feel that they are saving a lot. That’s a sale for you.

Priced individually

Works with other WooCommerce Types of products

Simple, variable, subscriptions… the plugin works seamlessly for all product types and also with custom product types. Physical products, digital downloads, memberships… sell them all, in any combination you like.

Pro tip: Create chains of products with “related” Products or “frequently bought together” Items WooCommerce – and show them as upsells / cross-sells on the cart.

There is a difference between Chained Products Other WooCommerce product bundle plugins
Chained Products The store owner can choose the exact products or variants to be included in a product package, as well as their quantity. It allows the admin decide the price of the entire collection.

Other plugins let users choose the add-on products or bundle contents. This is not possible with the chained products plugin. Customers can create their own bundles if you offer this option. Chained Products It is not the best solution.

Reuse and nest your product bundles

You can reuse existing bundles, chain a product, or mix-and-match product types into a single bundle. This allows you to use the chained product plug-in in many different ways.

You can chain a bag with a laptop to it. The laptop bag already had a USB hub attached to it. All three items are included in the price of the laptop.

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