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You can make recurring income by selling software or services

The WooCommerce API Manager Turns WooCommerce Products into an API Access to resource with an API Key (License Key). API Resources (products), may be software, a product, a service and an iPhone/Android App, a membership or subscription, or anything that can easily be accessed over the Internet. The most popular Product types are Variable, Simple Subscription and Variable Subscription. Subscription products are created using the WooCommerce Automatic payment collection at the renewal anniversary is possible with Subscriptions Extension There is also support to API Built-in access expiration times limits WooCommerce Products purchases that require manual renewal

How does it all work? The customer purchases a Product (API Resource) which will provide an API Key with a set number of activations or unlimited activations The customer uses the API Access the key API Resource is controlled by WooCommerce API Manager. The API If the expiration time is set, resource will remain available until it expires. For more advanced options API The management of resource time is key. WooCommerce API Manager Works seamlessly with WooCommerce Subscriptions.

WooCommerce API Manager API Key Type

Sell API Keys as a License to Software and Automated Upgrades

The WooCommerce API Manager Secures your software with an API It is important to act as a WooCommerce Software License Manager. If used in software, the API Key is similar to using License Keys. The API Key gives you access to an API Resource. By using an API Key, client software provides a variety of options to activate and deactivate, check the state of an activation status, get information regarding updates, check out for updates, get updated, and much more. To ensure that only your customers have secure access, all software downloads use expiring URLs. Software downloads can be obtained from the WooCommerce Store local server, Amazon S3, and remote server

To make selling API WordPress themes and plugins keys made easier WooCommerce API Manager PHP Library for Plugins & Themes This library was designed to be easy to use in a WordPress plugin or theme. API Software updates and key authentication with the WooCommerce API ManagerLearn more How to get a copy WooCommerce API Manager PHP Library for Plugins & Themes.

Amazon3 File Download Support Built in

Amazon S3 is the best way to download files. It is scalable worldwide and extremely affordable for any size business. After setting up your file according to the documentation, copy the Amazon S3 URL and your file will be securely served by Amazon S3. Amazon S3 can solve issues such as local web server setup, web hosts, firewalls, and more WooCommerce File download changes and other impediments must be eliminated.

Flexible API Key Types of Match Store Workflow

There are three types API Key types that provide a flexible API Store key model

  1. Master API Key: Ideal for customers who only need one item. API You have to use the key for everything. Can be used to activate anything API Resource purchased with this single API Key. Customer satisfaction is improved by the one-key solution. All customer access API The Master can be used to turn off resources for the store owner. API If required, key.
  2. Order Product API Key: Ideal for store owners who wish to offer customers a separate service. API Keys to activate each purchase. You can use these keys to activate one purchase API Resource is a single order. It can be used by the store or customer to achieve finer control. API Key.
  3. Associated API Key: Just like the product order API You have control over which orders and products it is associated with. Can be generated by a plugin, site, or imported and stored in a customized table that is used for the purpose. WooCommerce API Manager When the API Key is associated with an API Resource. This allows store owners and managers to use API Keys in a customized way

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The WooCommerce API Manager It has API Access Expiration is another term for a time limit that applies to an access permit. API Key acts as a subscription. The customer can purchase a product and access it (the key).API Resource) from the API After the access time limit expires the customer must buy the product again to renew the time limit. Once the product has been purchased, it will be removed from your inventory. WooCommerce Subscription. The store can automatically renew the subscription. A receipt will be emailed to the customer. Or, the customer can manually renew their subscription. Variable WooCommerce Subscriptions allow customers to upgrade or downgrade their subscription. All API Resource management is done using API Key activations An activation can be one or more for a product. API To grant access to the key types described above, you can use the API Resource. The option to use the built-in API Access Expiration or WooCommerce Subscriptions, depends on the product, and store’s needs.

Flexible Product Types

The WooCommerce API Manager Allows product creation based upon your sales model and the structure provided by WooCommerce. An API You can sell Resource (Product) as a simple/simple subscription or a variable/variable product with variations. Each variation can have one activation, or unlimited activations. Variable product variations can have multiple activations.

WooCommerce API Manager Features

Simple Product Setup

woocommerce api manager order screen api resources meta box 2 1

woocommerce api manager order screen api resources meta box 2 3

Simple product API form for both software and non-software products

Secure Download URLs

WooCommerce API Manager Files URL

URLs for Amazon S3, the remote server, or local, are wrapped to protect them and given an expiration time to prevent illegal use.

Control Panel for Plugin Update Screen Tab

WooCommerce API Manager API Tab Choices

You can add or delete plugin update tabs.

API Access Expiration

WooCommerce API Manager API Access Expires

Products that aren’t WooCommerce Subscribers can use the API Limit the access to the Expires field API Resource access is the same as a subscription.


Full API Access Control

WooCommerce API Manager API Key Control

Store owners can disable a customer’s API Access if required


Built-in API Debugging

WooCommerce API Manager Debugging Choices

There are many options available for beautifully formatted debugging data, which can be stored in custom WooCommerce logs.

Free Products

Store owners have the option to offer free products or give customers existing products for no cost.


The API Manager Uses SmartCache To cache the database API To dramatically increase the speed and availability of critical services like data, queries should be made at key points in the data processing. API responses. SmartCache Only updates the cached data that is being requested when the data has changed or when expired cache is requested and needs to be refreshed. This results in a dramatic increase in speed and a decrease of server load. It is possible to increase the speed of your server and decrease the server load. SmartCache Combining object caching and speed is the result. SmartCache Allows for the API Manager It is easy to scale up to any traffic load.

Order Screen API Resources

woocommerce api manager order screen api resources meta box 2 1 1

woocommerce api manager order screen api resources meta box 2 3 1

Order items that are API You will find all relevant details and resources on the Order screen.

Order Screen API Resource Activations

WooCommerce API Manager API Resource Activations

API Key activations are listed on your order screen and can be removed if required.

My Account Dashboard API Keys

WooCommerce API Manager Product Order API Key Hidden

On the My Account > API The Master’s Keys Page API The Key is always listed. You can optionally list the Product order details. API You can hide the key or make it visible as shown in this screenshot. The customer can delete activations that were not removed by client software from the dashboard.

My Account Dashboard API Downloads

WooCommerce API Manager API Downloads

On the My Account > API Downloads page API If you have the option, resources that are software products may be downloaded and saved to Dropbox. URLs are encrypted and expire after a specified time period.

Simple WordPress Plugin and Theme Setup

The WooCommerce API Manager PHP Library for Plugins & Themes For the API Manager It is possible to set up WordPress themes and plugins in minutes. The WooCommerce API Manager PHP Library for Plugins & Themes WordPress themes and plugins can do automatic updates and communicate with all users. API Manager APIs can be used to accomplish tasks such activation, deactivation and so on. This is one example.

WooCommerce API Manager Plugin Alert

Upon activation of the plugin, the customer will be able to easily access the activation screen.

plugin library after activation

Once activated API Returns the activation totals. The Product ID field in the screenshot is optional.

WooCommerce API Manager Plugin Update

The customer will be able to see and update the plugin as any other WordPress plugin when an update is available.

WooCommerce API Manager Plugin Details

The information collected and the tabs selected in the settings determine how the plugin view details screen displays information. It will look the same as any plugin from WordPress.org so it will be familiar to the customer. Learn more How to get a copy WooCommerce API Manager PHP Library for Plugins & Themes.

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