W3 Total Cache Pro

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W3 Total Cache Pro

The Ultimate WordPress Performance Toolkit

W3 Total Cache This tool will help you speed up WordPress websites. It includes all the tools needed for beginners, intermediate, and advanced WordPress users. W3TC can help you grow your brand.

W3 Total Cache Pro

Speed Improvement: 10X

Once you have it properly configured W3 Total Cache Pro Google PageSpeed Insights indicates that this can lead to a 10x increase in site performance.

Easy Setup With Any Hosting

These plans are compatible with shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated server hosting plans. Installation and configuration are simple.

Includes Mobile Device Support

W3 Total Cache No matter how users access your WordPress website, it will speed up their site. Mobile visitors will get the same lightning fast speeds that desktop users.

The Definitive WordPress Caching plugin 

W3 Total Cache This plugin grows with you. Most websites must implement page caching and browser cache in order to be successful. W3 Total Cache With just a few clicks, you can do all that. Your caching requirements grow with you. W3TC is there for you.

WordPress Page Caching

Page caching is a great way to speed up your WordPress website. W3 Total Cache You can choose from many options for RAM-based storage, such as Redis or Memcached, which will be done quickly and easily.

Static File Compression

Regardless of whether Brotli and Gzip compression are installed on your server, W3 Total Cache Both can be used to ensure you are using the least bandwidth while still ensuring the fastest page load speed. W3TC will make your site load faster and more consistently.

On Demand Images (Lazy Loading).

Lazy loading delays the loading of images unless they are visible in initial render. This allows for richer pages that are longer while still ensuring the page loads as quickly as possible.

Web Server and Stack Compatibility

Apache, NGINX, or a combination thereof can help you speed up your pages like never before. W3 Total Cache This plugin leverages your web server to speed-up your WordPress website like no other.

What Comes with W3 Total Cache Pro?

Full Site Delivery via CDN

Your visitors will receive the fastest response times for all your website content, including HTML, media, CSS, and JavaScript, when you use Content Delivery Network. Every component of your website will be delivered by a worldwide network server when it is hosted with your provider. This allows for better performance, especially when combined with other features like Browser Cache, Minification and Fragment caching.

Lazy Loading for Google Maps

Optimize Google Maps to speed up your website’s loading time. Lazy loading means that the map won’t load until it is necessary, making your page more responsive.

Fragment Caching

Fragment caching adds to WordPress’ core functionality by allowing you enable caching policies for groups or objects that are cached. This approach has many benefits. It allows plugins and themes to be optimized to use caching to reduce response times and save resources. Additionally, caching methods such as Redis or Memcached can be scaled. You can find instructions for use in the FAQ under help or contact support to request premium services that will improve website performance.

WordPress Rest API Caching

API caching is a great option if you use WordPress as a backend to integrate. Similar to page caching and repeat requests will see a significant decrease in response times and require fewer resources to deliver. The WordPress API is now available to save resources and increase performance.

Eliminate Render Blocking CSS

Render blocking CSS prevents a webpage from being rendered in a timely fashion. Each one of your CSS files slows down your page’s rendering. The longer it takes for a page to load, the bigger its css. With W3 Total CacheYou can remove the CSS that isn’t needed for page load and make it lightning fast!

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