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Turn Comments into Conversions

Holy cow! Someone’s made enough of your site to leave you a comment.

Website owners spend most of their time and effort trying to get visitors to interact. Click this button, visit this site, subscribe, sign-up… We often don’t pay attention when visitors leave comments. It’s your visitor giving you a hand, letting it be known that they are interested.

If all you can do for them is to tell them that their comment is pending approval, there is still plenty of opportunity. 

What could you do instead of?

You could redirect first-time commenters on a “welcome to our community” page with a free gift. How about giving repeat commenters a social-share button? 

Can they also post their comment (and you post) on Facebook?

With Thrive Comments You can set post-comment actions. Anything from redirecting a commenter to a URL, showing related posts, giving social sharing prompts, or when combined with Thrive Leads, Opening a lightbox

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Thrive Comments
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