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The features of the Member RSS Addon

  • Create Member-Specific RSS Feeds Paid Memberships Pro.
  • View your RSS Feeds are available on the Membership Account Page.
  • Add Remove as many RSS You can add as many feed links as you like.


  1. Upload the pmpro member-rss directory into the /wp_content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate it through the ‘Plugins’ WordPress menu

How it works

PMPro Member Links using RSS Feeds

Once the plugin has been activated, a link will automatically be created under the plugin. Member Links section of every members’ Membership Account page.
This special RSS Feed will only contain restricted content that the user has access to. It will filter out all other content (including unprotected post) The normal WordPress will be used if the memberkey is not attached. RSS The feed of recent posts will be displayed.

Additional RSS Feeds can be added to the pmpromrss_feeds filter. Here’s an example:

* PMPro RSS Extra Feeds Example
* Extra feeds format:
* $feeds[“Label”] = Feed URL
* learn more about feed URLs at
Function my_pmpromrss_Feeds($feeds) {
//recent posts by the current user
Global $current_user;
$Feeds[‘My Recent Posts’] = pmpromrss_url(home_url(‘/author/’ . $current_user->user_login . ‘/feed/’));
//recent posts “members” Category
$Feeds[‘Members Feed’] = pmpromrss_url(home_url(‘/category/members/feed’));
Return $Feeds;
add_action(‘pmpromrss_feeds’, ‘my_pmpromrss_feeds’);

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Paid Memberships Pro – Member RSS Add On
Paid Memberships Pro – Member RSS Add On


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