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With this you can save time, money, and energy. Meta Box Group By Organization of custom fields into repeatable and collapsible, well, groups. You can stack similar fields together to create a fully customizable and. Hierarchies that are visually stunning.

The ability to organize meta boxes and custom fields in forms and pages, pages, posts, and many other areas with the help of the Meta Box Group extension.

Pure Efficiency to Manage Data

Organization can become chaotic when there is so much data on a website. It is easy to group repetitive custom fields together, which will help developers and users view and manage data with efficiency.

Meta Box Group - Group any fields you want into repeatable and collapsible groups.
Group You can combine any fields into repeatable or collapsible groups.

Clone Groups Like No Other

It’s now easier to create repeating groups of custom fields.

Like no other, organize meta boxes and custom field like never before Place them in clusters based upon content similarity, location on the page, or any other criteria.

You can then repeat each group, its subfields, and subgroups as many as you like in one-click Meta Box GroupCloning is a feature that isn’t found in any other custom-field plugin.

Drag and drop repeated groups can be done on any page or post.

Top Features

  • To improve UI, UX and data structure, organize custom fields in groups
  • Unlimited repeatable groups are possible with the exclusive Cloning feature
  • Easy reordering using the clone sorting feature
  • Supports multi-level and nested nested groups
  • Groups can be collapsible to make it easy to see and prioritize visuals.
  • Database optimization of subfields for less bloat

Multi-Level Nested Grups

Meta Box Group Supports multi-level nested group with There are no restrictions on nesting levels.

All sub-groups, groups, and fields can all be repeated with one click.

Multi-nesting allows for more precise data structures to be created on the page. Multi-nesting allows you to add more data to your post types and posts without having to modify your code.

Multi-level nested group can be created, and you can clone any repeating items.

Tweak and Toggle

Unwieldy screens pose a threat. You can collapse the clutter by tagging those sub-fields in groups. If they are too long, you can control the content and expand or collapse sections as needed.

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