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It can be difficult to keep track of form data if multiple people are editing it. GravityRevisions allows Gravity Forms to track changes and easily restore previous versions. View exactly which fields changed, who changed them, and when.

Never lose important data

When someone makes changes to an entry in Gravity Forms, the previous version of the entry is gone forever and there’s no way to get it back. GravityRevisions adds to each entry page a meta box that shows all the changes made to that particular entry. Who Made What These changes are: When.

Revisions made to Gravity Forms entries, with changes highlighted in blue and green

Stay on top your work

Large websites with many users can make it difficult to keep track of any changes or updates to your form entries. GravityRevisions allows you to view the last time an entry was updated, see exactly what changed, and set up email notifications so you’re aware of future edits.

Add powerful functionality with minimal technical know-how

Integrate GravityRevisions into your existing GravityView app. Integrates seamlessly with GravityRevisions GravityView This allows you to display entry updates at the front end.

Streamline workflows

Keep track of any edits to an entry so you can go back to previous versions if necessary. Do not worry about making errors or losing important information. You will be notified when entries are modified so you can stay on top of your workflows.

Developer hooks allow you to regain control

Thanks to our well-documented WordPress filters, you can customize GravityRevisions to your heart’s content.

Enjoy a familiar and intuitive interface

GravityRevisions uses the same interface that you’re used to in WordPress for comparing revisions. There are no options or settings to configure. Simply activate the plugin to track changes to Gravity Forms entries.

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GravityView Entry Revisions Extension
GravityView Entry Revisions Extension


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