Gravity Perks Gravity Forms Date Time Calculator

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What does it do exactly?

This plugin adds the ability for you to use Date And Time Fields in Gravity Forms calculations. You can create complex and precise calculations using any combination of Date, TimeNumber, and. Calculations can also be used in any field that supports calculations. You can create forms with flexible time-based pricing, track hours and days, determine the age and gender of your customers based upon their birth date, or any other calculation related date and/or time.


  • Use Date And Time You can use the fields below to describe your situation. Gravity Forms’ calculations.
    You can create time- and date-based calculations right from your form editor.
  • Calculate the time between dates and times.
    Determine how many years (and days) you are able to work out. Are between any two Date Or Time fields.
  • Supports every date/time unit you’ll need.
    You can get your results in years or months, weeks or days.
  • Calculate the user’s age and apply age-specific customizations.
    Prevent underage submissions, configure child/senior pricing, determine customer’s age for past and future milestones.
  • Count weekdays between two dates.
    Do not count days that are not important for your calculation.
  • Duration-based pricing.
    Combine with Gravity Forms Calculated Product fields allow for dynamic pricing based on user-selected dates/times.
  • Automatic updates
    Receive the latest updates right from your dashboard.
  • Amazing support.
    We’re here to help! We mean it.

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Gravity Perks Gravity Forms Date Time Calculator
Gravity Perks Gravity Forms Date Time Calculator


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