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Software Licensing For Easy Digital Downloads This software provides a complete system for activation, key generation, and checking. It allows you to provide license keys along with your digital products that can then be used to properly license and activate the buyer’s copy of the software. You can sell WordPress themes, plugins, and any other type of software. Software Licensing Add-ons can be a huge asset to your business and help you to grow it.

License key management

Through simple, intuitive interfaces Software Licensing Site administrators can easily view and manage customer licence keys.

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Each license key comes with a detailed details screen that allows you to easily access all customer and purchase information.

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License key generation can be enabled on each product in your store separately and every product gets its own settings, allowing you to easily sell many different product variations and non-software products at the same time.

Licensing API

Software Licensing It includes an easy-to-use JSON API that can be used to activate, check, and validate license keys. Software developers have the ability to remotely activate or validate license keys within their software applications.

The API provides methods to perform the following requests:

  • License activation
  • license deactivation
  • Validation of license
  • latest version / update details

Check out the API documentation For more examples.

License renewals

Included with Software Licensing is a complete renewal system to allow customers to renew their license keys when they are nearing expiration. The renewal system sends customers automated email reminders when a license is nearing expiration. Customers can then click the email to go directly to your store to renew their license keys.

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Site administrators can set up renewal discounts to encourage customers renewing their license keys.

Site administrators can also manually renew license keys on behalf of customers at anytime, or manually email renewal notices to customers.

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Software Licensing also provides a complete reporting view that displays a graph of license renewals and earnings from those renewals over time so you can better understand how many customers renew their licenses.

The renewal system can also be fully integrated with our Recurring Payments This plugin allows you to set up automatic renewals for recurring subscriptions.

Upgrade paths for licenses

It is important for sites that sell multiple versions to their software to allow customers to upgrade. Software Licensing It provides a complete system that allows customers to create upgrade paths between license levels.

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Upgrade purchases can be prorated based on the customer’s existing purchase and can even include additional discounts. Customers can choose to upgrade between different product license levels.

Add one-click updates to your WordPress plugins and themes

With the complete API for providing automatic updates for WordPress plugins and themes to valid license key holders, this add-on will not only make your life as a distributor of products easier, but it will also thrill your customers by allowing them to update their themes and plugins to the latest version with a single click.

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 12.25.11 PM


The automatic update system included with the add-on for both themes and plugins follows all of the core WordPress UI standards, so users won’t even know the difference.

Screenshot from 2012 09 12 150117 750x151 1


It is easy to implement automatic upgrades in your theme/plugin. Just add a few lines of code (all included) to your theme/plugin files.

Software Licensing Full support for parsing WordPress plugins’ readme.txt file, allowing you include the same information in your plugin update dialogs as plugins stored on WordPress.org.

Version releases are possible if you manage your plugin or theme development in BitBucket and GitHub. Git Download Updater extension.

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