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Selling can increase your profits. All Access memberships – which give your customers an extremely improved experience. All (or just some) of your store’s products will be right at your customers’ fingertips when they need them. Once they have purchased a membership, they log in to download the products. Your customers spend more than they otherwise would have, and also get more for their money – everyone wins.

When your customers buy an All Access Pass, they can log in and browse your site for products they’d like to download. Instead of seeing the “normal”, “Buy Now” button, they’ll see a “Download” Place the button. No more scrolling through endless, un-searchable lists “purchase history” pages. Your products are already displayed beautifully on your website. WordPress even has search functionality. All Access puts that to work by letting your customers download directly from each product’s sales page.

This allows you to provide a seamless user experience when searching for a specific product in your store. They can search, find, download, and pay nothing extra in seconds. They can download anything they want, whenever they want – and ONLY what they want. This makes it easy and practical for your customers.


  • You can set the access duration (any time length, from indefinite down to a single-day)
  • You can allow unlimited downloading or set download limits (e.g. 1 download per day/week/month/year).
  • Allow all products to be accessible or limit access to certain categories
  • Allow you to access specific price variations only
  • Modify pass settings customer-by-customer
  • Create unlimited “tiered” passes. For example “Gold”, “Silver”, “Bronze” Access levels
  • Restrict content (such as embedded videos/text), on any page, post or product.
  • Allow products to be bought one-by-one and then sold All Access.
  • All Access Only mode-so products can be downloaded with an Access Pass
  • Accept early renewals
  • Upsell All Access Neben jedem Kauf-Buttons.
  • Show “Login” Link beside any product (useful to existing All Access customers)
  • Tool to convert prior-to-installed purchases into All Access Passes
  • Shortcode that displays Anything for people who aren’t an All Access Pass (useful to sell info)
  • Shortcode that only displays products customers can download using their All Access Pass
  • Shortcode that tells customers all their information All Access Pass details (downloads left, etc)
  • Coupon Codes: You must have a valid All Access You can join to receive discount codes

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Easy Digital Downloads All Access
Easy Digital Downloads All Access


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