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BuddyPress Auto Join Groups Site admins can automate member group joining. You can create one or multiple auto group join lists that have conditions. Any user that matches those lists will be added into the specified groups.

You can use the plugin to create conditional and global lists.

List global This is a group list that does not have any conditions. All users are considered to be a match for this list. Each user who joins the site will be added in to the specified groups. (Yes, you can create multiple global list lists.

Conditional list This is a group list that allows you to specify one or several conditions based on the user’s profile field data and/or member type. Any user who meets these conditions will be automatically added into the groups. If a user matches multiple criteria, they will be automatically added all the groups in these lists.

You can set the time when the plugin should be tested to ensure that the user matches the list. There are many options. “when a user activates their account”, “when a user updates his/her profile” Or “on member type update” User.

You will find a button to bulk synchronize users for each list. It will automatically search for all users and, if they match the current conditions, it will add them into the specified groups.


  • Join Automated Users BuddyPress groups.
  • Administrators can create multiple global groups where users are added to the designated groups regardless of their profile data.
  • Administrators have the ability to create multiple conditional lists that will allow users to be added into the groups if they are in line with the conditions.
  • Administrators can create matching conditions based upon member type or profile data.
  • Administrators can specify multiple conditions for each list. If more than one condition is required for a list, the user must fulfill all of these conditions in order to be considered a match.
  • Administrators can associate any number groups to each list.
  • A user can match more than one list. If they do, they’ll be added to all of these groups.
  • Administrators can specify when a user will be tested for the match. The trigger can be account activation, profile updates, or member type changes.
  • Administrators can bulk sync users to the current group. This feature searches all users. Users that match the current list conditions will be added to designated groups.

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BuddyPress Auto Join Groups
BuddyPress Auto Join Groups


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