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Direct Link Tracking Affiliates can link directly from their site without the need to have an affiliate link

This is a Major You may be able to offer incentives to your affiliates. This could help you make more money.

If a visitor recognizes an affiliate link whilst on an affiliate’s site, they’ll know the affiliate will earn a commission if they click that link and purchase your product. In some instances, an affiliate link may make a visitor skeptical of your site content, and they won’t click the link. An affiliate link can turn off potential customers, which could result in a lost sale for you and a missed commission for your associate.

By using Direct Link TrackingVisitors will not be aware of any affiliate links. This greatly increases the likelihood that they will click a link to your site to make a purchase. You’ll be happy because you get more sales, and your affiliates will be happy because they earn more commission.

Use Direct Link Tracking for:

Increased sales opportunities
Visitors won’t know they are clicking on affiliate links.

Happier, more motivated affiliates
Since there’s no affiliate link, affiliates have a higher chance of earning a commission, and they’ll work harder to get it. Visitors can’t copy and paste the link into a new window and remove their tracking parameters, because there are none!

Enhanced SEO
Links to your site are not linked to affiliate parameters. They will be more SEO-friendly.

How does it work? Direct Link Tracking work?

When the Direct Link Tracking Once the add-on has been activated, affiliates can enter their domain (or domains), into their Affiliate Area. After they submit a domain to approval, the site administrator will approve it. Once approved, the affiliate can link directly from their site to your site without using their referral link.

When a visitor clicks the link on the affiliate’s website and arrives on your site, the domain is looked up in the database. If the domain belongs to an affiliate, that affiliate’s ID is stored in the browser’s cookies, just like a normal affiliate link.

If the customer completes a purchase (or converts), an affiliate will be created.


  1. Dedicated “Direct Links” Screen: Adds a “Direct Links” For a complete overview and easy management all domains that track direct links, go to the WordPress admin
  2. Domain approvalAffiliates cannot earn commissions or link directly to your site without your approval.
  3. Enable globally or per affiliate: Enable Direct Link Tracking On a global or per affiliate level
  4. Maximum number possible domains: You can set the number of domains that an affiliate can enter at a global or per member level
  5. Change domain status: Approve or reject, delete, and/or make inactive links from the central “Direct Links” Administrator screen
  6. Easily manage your affiliate’s domainsEasily add, update, approve or reject direct links for affiliates from the WordPress admin.
  7. Notifications by emailSend an email to the site administrator to notify them when a new domain is submitted for approval. Also, send an email to the affiliate when the domain has been approved.
  8. Blacklist domains: Add domains the domain blacklist in order to prevent their addition and prevent visits from being stored if they’re already in use.

Important Note

  • Safari on iOS has more restrictions than others web browsers. For example, when an affiliate’s site is using http:// and your site is using https://, your site may not properly detect the direct affiliate traffic. However, there is a way around this problem. You can instruct your affiliates that they apply to their site to ensure this works correctly. For more information, see this document: Direct Link Tracking troubleshooting

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AffiliateWP Direct Link Tracking
AffiliateWP Direct Link Tracking


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