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Unlimited ads

You can manage and display unlimited ads and placements.

Flexible ad types

Use ad code from any ad network. This includes static images, JavaScript HTML PHP or shortcodes.

Schedule ads

Preparing your ad layouts by setting a start/expiry date and a time for your ads.

Works on cached pages

Dynamic ads can be delivered on cached websites without affecting your server.

Lazy loading ads

Performance is saved! Only load ads when users scroll to them within their browser.


Monetize your pages on AMP and make your ads AMP-ready

Tracking & Reports

Track ad impressions & clicks, share performance reports, or connect with Google Analytics.

Mobile ads

You can create different ad configurations for mobile and desktop in order to increase the performance of each.

Google AdSense

Connect to your AdSense account to import ad units or reports. This helps to comply with their policies. Create an ads.txt and convert AdSense ads to AMP automatically.

Increase your revenue

A/B testing

To find the most effective ads and positions, create A/B tests with different ad placements.

Pick random paragraphs

You can increase your revenue by selecting a placement that displays the ad following random paragraphs.

Monetize ad-block users

You can make users pay by blocking ads and showing them content they cannot block.

Space for sale

You can increase your ad revenue by selling ads automatically to advertisers through the frontend of you website.

Click Fraud Protection

You can protect your reputation by not allowing others to click the same ads too often.

Test advertising networks

To find the best partner for you site, compare any ad networks.

Effective ad management

Rotate ads

Rotate ads in the same spot to combat ad blindness and test different ads against one another.

Ad blocks

An ad slider, or an ad grid that has multiple rows can increase the visibility of ads.

Fallback ads

Fallback ads can be used to ensure that there is no empty space if an ad expires, or is not visible on a page.

Global conditions

Save time by using global conditions to hide ads from archives, 404 pages, and other pages.

Duplicate ads

Quickly duplicate ads already created.


Export and import existing ad settings and configurations to another website.

Control the ad layout

You can decide how ads should be aligned within text. You can also set a margin between elements or display a label automatically above them.

Only one ad is allowed

You can prevent an ad from appearing in multiple places on the page.

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