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GeoYou can increase conversions with -targeting ads by using the geolocation information of your visitors (e.g., continent or country)

GeoAds that target specific audiences

Geo-targeting allows you to sell location-based banners directly to local businesses, while also allowing you to show general ads to people outside of that area.

Geolocation targeting can also be helpful when you use ads or affiliate networks that differ from one another. Show the correct Amazon affiliate links based on the locations in Australia, Europe and the Americas.


With the Geo-Targeting WordPress plugin Advanced AdsYou can make your ads more relevant for your visitors, which will increase click rates and improve visitor experience.

  • show or hide ads based on the visitor’s geolocation
  • Geo-targeting ads by country
  • Geo-targeting ads by state/region
  • Geo-targeting ads by cities
  • Geo-targeting ads by continent
  • Large numbers of target visitors from Europe Union
  • Target visitors within a certain radius of a particular location
  • Geo-targeting in advertising uses GeoLite2 data from MaxMind
  • Geo-targeting requests are unlimited with the help of a locally hosted database
  • Enter city and region names up to 8 languages
  • Priority email support for one year and unlimited usage afterward

Geo-target ads can be arranged by country, continent or region as well as city.


Ad get targeting option
GeoTargeting ads by country, region or city

GeoAdvertising can be targeted around a specific area to reach people who are not located in that area.

geo targeting by city radius 679x184 1
Geo-targeting ads based on a radius around a specific area

Why? Geo-Targeting Advertising

Geotargeting ads can be used to reach certain demographics based their geolocation. We have seen many uses for location-based advertising over the years.

Amazon offers different affiliate programs. Although users from the US might click on an affiliate link that leads to Amazon in the UK they won’t likely purchase there. You can sign up for all relevant programs, such as Amazon US, UK Canada, Australia and Canada. The banners will direct your visitors to the most likely store.

Local news sites often use geo-targeting ads for local businesses. They can sell the same ad space in different locations to companies and then use AdSense, or another ad network, to monetize traffic.

Geo-targeting allows a travel website with traffic from tourists to show local recommendations based upon the city they are currently visiting. They direct traffic to nearby tourist attractions and restaurants.

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Advanced Ads Geo Targeting
Advanced Ads Geo Targeting


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