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Effectively Manage Custom Types & Fields

Types This popular WordPress plugin allows you to customize your WordPress admin area by adding custom fields, content types, and taxonomies. It’s a fantastic plugin that lets you extend the functionality of WordPress, but like most WordPress plugins it does not make it easy to digest all of the additional content you create.

Admin Columns This solves the issue by giving you greater control over your overview pages. This allows you to significantly reduce editing time.

All Support Types Fields

Admin Columns look great together Types. It supports all taxonomies and post types. It supports all types of fields, including users, posts, terms, and repeating.

types field types

Turn Fields Into Columns

Admin Columns You have complete control over your overview pages and can choose what is displayed. You can add columns to any of your custom types, fields, and taxonomies.

Each Types A field can also be used as a table. The field type dropdown will display the fields. Click on the field to reveal it in your posts overview.

types field settings

You have less time Editing

You don’t have to be able to access every custom item that you have created in order to make any changes to your website. With Admin Columns With inline editing, you can make thousands upon thousands of edits to a single page.

Click on the image to begin. “Inline Edit” You can edit fields by clicking the button on an overview pages. This method of editing will save you so much time.

types editing

Improve Sorting & Filtering

Is it difficult to find the information that you need? It can be difficult to manage a large website due to the sheer volume of data available. With Admin Columns Any field can be used to sort your data. Simply add a field to a new column and sort your data using that column.

You can filter out the data you don’t need by removing those columns from your overview page. You can also change the order of columns using a drag and drop interface.

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Admin Columns Pro – Toolset Types add-on
Admin Columns Pro – Toolset Types add-on


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