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Admin Columns Pro 100% compatible with Advanced Custom Fields Plugin with the use of our add-on. Admin Columns Pro You can customize the WordPress list table by adding columns. Add ACF fields to the listtable to display relevant information. filterableSortableSimple editable (inline & bulk) and you can Export content For further use. It’s a lot to take in so we will discuss each feature in more detail.

Display ACF fields on your list table

We will use, for example, a Real Estate website that has a post type called “House”. Use Advanced Custom Fields We have added 6 custom fields this post type. DescriptionNumber of roomsSimilar housesPriceFeaturesgallery.

ACF Field settings example for a Real Estate website
Example of an ACF Field Group for a “House” Type of custom post

These 6 ACF fields can now be added to the WordPress list table as columns. Admin Columns Pro:

Customized WordPress list table with added ACF fields using Admin Columns Pro
Customized WordPress list table using ACF fields (add columns) Admin Columns Pro

You can customize the list table

You can choose which columns you want to see in the list table. You can choose any column. Advanced Custom Field an add it as a column Our drag-and drop interface makes it easy to add your WordPress list tables. No coding is necessary.

Admin Columns Pro column settings for ACF fields
Column settings: ACF fields are added to the WordPress list table using Admin Columns Pro

Each column has its own settings, which allows you to specify the column’s width and label, but also some other column specific settings.

Available Columns

All field types from Advanced Custom Fields It can be used in the WordPress list as a column CheckboxColor PickerDate PickerDate and Time PickerEmailFileFlexible ContentGalleryGoogle MapImageLinkNumberoEmbedPage LinkPasswordPost ObjectRadio ButtonRelationshipRepeatSelectTaxonomyTextText AreaTime PickerTrue or FalseUrlUserWysiwyg EditorYou can also add columns to any column Post property or Custom taxonomy term.

Tip ACF fields are available on the WordPress listtable. any post type.

Find & Filter ACF data

All the content on the list table will be searchable easily with the help of our smart filters. You can stack the filters and add as many as your heart desires. Smart filters can be used with any ACF field. They also fully support custom field data.

Filter by number

Filtering on numeric values allows you to search within custom fields or ACF fields for ranges.

For example, “number of rooms” Is an ACF “number” field. You can now add the filter. “Number of Rooms” Choose and “between” Enter 4 to 7. This will display all houses with rooms between 4-7

filter acf field rooms

Filter by text

This is the most powerful way to search text-based material such as titles, names, general text strings and custom fields. You can search for part of a particular text using either “contains” Use “is” For a direct match. It’s great when you need to find houses that contain the word “pool”.

filter contains pool

Filter by relationship

Other posts or users can be added to the ACF relationship field type. These linked items can be filtered using our smart filters. Use our “Houses” We can now list all houses that look similar to a related one.

filter relationship acf field

Filter by any type

Filtering is possible for many ACF field types Admin Columns Pro. Here is a list of every ACF field type that can use smart filtering.

Combine filters

Combine Wordress filters screenshot

Filtered sets at a discount

Admin Columns Pro This allows you to save your filters from the list table as segments for later use. You can use the dropdown menu to reload your saved filter sets when you return to the list table.

filter segments

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Admin Columns Pro – Advanced Custom Fields add-on
Admin Columns Pro – Advanced Custom Fields add-on


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